Excellence In Action Award

The Dr. Greg Dillon Excellence In Action Award

iChange Nations™ (ICN) is an international organization based in the United States and present in more than 155 countries around the world and affiliated with several other organizations and chambers of commerce.

iChange Nations™ is the world's largest building culture of honor network known for its Golden Rule Awards. To date, ICN has honored more than 30 heads of state and governments as well as First Ladies, social leaders, celebrities and philanthropists around the world.

It is the philosophy of ICN’s founder, Dr. Clyde Rivers as well as the iChange Nations™ organization, that what gets praised gets practiced. Therefore, it is the practice of iChange Nations™ to draw attention to quality individuals that are making a positive impact to their fellow man. In doing so iChange Nations™ is bringing back the lost art of honor.

One of the focuses of iChange Nations™ is to create modern day heroes that serve as examples to be seen, admired and modeled after. ICN recognizes individuals at all levels of society for their greatness. ICN realizes that true greatness is not a matter of position but rather disposition. ICN Modern Day Heroes have consistently demonstrated a service mentality through their actions which are on display for others to see.

The newest ICN Modern Day Heroes is Dr. Greg Dillon. Dr. Greg Dillon is a World Civility Ambassador, Martial Artist, Thought Leader and Entrepreneur. Dr. Dillon grew up in a farming and mining community in Southern Indiana, USA where a family's livelihood was dependent on growing a good harvest. A good harvest was realized from good seeds and proper nurturing of the crop. According to Dr. Greg, this principle applies to the raising of strong children.  

Dr. Dillon has presented self-defense and safety awareness programs for children as well as women of all walks of life from high school, college, to business professionals. He has devoted much of his career to developing and implementing practical self-defense and safety awareness programs.

Grandmaster Dillon (as he is known in the martial arts world) is a 10 th degree Black Belt in the Dillman Karate International (DKI) organization and has been training since 1971. He believes in safety and civility through education and practical community involvement. His training programs are designed to provide education and awareness to the public on self-protection and avoidance of conflicts.

Dr. Dillon retired as an electrical utility industry expert with over 30 years of experience. He trained as an industrial fire fighter and is a medical first responder, certified with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

As part of the ICN Modern Day Hero program Dr. Dillon underwent an extensive background investigation and also agreed to the stringent iChange Nations™ Morality Agreement. Dr. Dillon has quite a number of other accolades, honors and achievements including but not limited to:

- United Graduate College and Seminary International Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities.

- Listed in the Almanac of Rising Stars - Top Players of Humanity

- ICN 2021 Global Civility Icon.

- John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker

- Black Belt Speakers Level 1 certification

- Humanitarian Diplomatic Alliance Safety Civility Honorary Chaplin

- Live Your Best Life Conference Speaker Nairobi, Kenya

- Progressive Calisthenics Certified Instructor

- Named Royal Liaison Advisor for the office of the Development King at Large Okogyeman Obremponnsu Kobina Amissah 1 in Ekumfi Koutukwa, Ghana, West Africa. Jan. 2022.

- Inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council International Hall of Fame.

- Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame - School of the Year.

- Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Instructor of the Year.

The Dr. Greg K. Dillon Excellence In Action Award is given out internationally to deserving individuals.