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Dr. Greg Dillon is a World Civility Ambassador, Martial Artist, and Entrepreneur. He grew up in a farming and mining community in Southern Indiana where he started Martial Arts training in 1971.

  • In 2019 he was awarded the ultimate rank of tenth degree Black Belt Grand Master Instructor in Okinawan Ryu Kyu Kempo Karate by the world renowned Dillman Karate International.
  • Dr. Dillon has been authorized to carry on Professor George Dillman’s legacy with his blessing.
  • Dr Dillon is the former Indiana representative of the Federation of United Martial Artists Crusade against Crime.

He presented self defense and awareness programs for women of all walks of life from high school, college, to business professionals. Dr. Dillon has devoted much of his career to developing and implementing practical self defense and awareness programs.

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Vision | Mission | Achievements

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    Safety and civility through education and involvement right now as we receive more information on what is happening in our communities and our world rather than dealing with issues after the fact. These programs are designated to provide education and awareness to the public on prevention and avoidance of conflicts.

    Have a blast with Granddad takes a proactive approach to personal safety and awareness aimed at from all walks of life. No one is immune to falling victim. Our approach features educational opportunities designed to: promote awareness, develop knowledge and skills for conflict avoidance, seek resolutions and acquire information, foster positive personal and civic values including behavior among our youth as well as promoting personal involvement.

  • Our mission is to focus the enormous positive potential of the youth of the world on a single common goal which is certainly acceptable to everyone:

  • Dr. Dillon received the Distinguished Leader award and been named World Civility Ambassador by I Change Nations.

    In 2019 he received the Black Belt Speakers “Sharing my Voice” award, became a certified Black Belt Speaker, and received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from United Graduate College and Seminary International.

    Dr. Dillon’s other accomplishments and awards include:

    • Featured in Karate International Magazine Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Elite 1992

    • Charter Chairman of Tri State Regional Black Belt Association 1985-86

    • Twice inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1991 School of the Year and 1994 Instructor of the Year

    • Inducted into the World Head of Family Sakeship Council International Hall of Fame. Master Instructor of the Year 1996 and 1998

    • Recognized and cited by the Boys Club of America for reorganizing self-defense programs for youth. 1975

    • Retired from the electrical utility industry with 32 years of experience. He trained as an industrial fire fighter and is a medical first responder certified with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

    Dr. Dillon Excellence In Action Award


Our Programs

Promote awareness

Our approach features educational opportunities designed to promote awareness.

Conflict avoidance

We also feature educational opportunities for conflict avoidance.

Seek resolutions

We have also tailored programs aimed at conflic resolution..

Acquire information

Further, we have developed informative programs.

Personal and civic values

We have programs designed to foster positive personal and civic values including behavior among our youth.

Promoting personal involvement

Ultimately, our programs prepare our clients for personal involvement.

Blast with GrandDad

A Blast With GrandDad Global Initiative

A blast with Granddad is a very unique concept providing safety, fitness, and nutrition through entertainment. The live performances and digital downloads are geared for kids’ purpose and are custom targeted for different age group levels. Self-defense and awareness programs are also available for women of all ages.

The purpose of this program is to build self-esteem, confidence, and positive motivation in all kids which is our nation’s future.

  • The program is a family-built team lead by Greg Dillon.
  • Greg has studied martial arts for over 40 years and holds rank of 10th degree black belt Grand Master from the world renowned Dillman Karate International.
  • He is also the former Indiana representative of the Federation of United Martial Artist Crusade Against Crime.

Greg’s daughter Abby Warnsman is the former co-host of the Fox 44 Kids Club and All American High School Cheerleader. She is now married with two daughters of her own Daisy and Belle. They have both been active in videos on safety and other blasts with grandad on daily life scenarios.

The exciting program is designed to teach individuals in a fun way so you can leave your positive fingerprint on society

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Dr. Traci Ward.

International Speaker, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 4!

I have known Dr. Dillon for a number of years now and have always enjoyed hearing him speak whether it was to adults or to his true passion, children. Dr. Dillon is a master when it comes to connecting with children and walking them through the fundamentals and the importance of safety. His training that is created for children (with the assistance of an adult) is second to none! If you're looking for a speaker or a training for the youngsters in your life, look no further. "Grandad" is the answer!

Amb Dominic Obadiah

Nairobi | Kenya

I met Dr. Greg Dillon in 2021 in Nairobi; Kenya where I heard him speak for the first time. Though he lives in the US, he remains a gift to the world.

Many are sayers but Dr. Greg is a doer. He is passionate about being the change he wants to see in the world. He is on a mission to empower, motivate and educate.

His mesage was powerful and it still lingers in my mind. His audience stays glued to the very end of his presentation. Dr. Dillon uses his influence to create a positive impact in society.

His contrubution to mother earth is immense and I am a beneficiary of his teaching.

Learn Self-Defense?

Dr. Dillon is a qualified martial arts trainer who has devoted much of his career to developing and implementing practical self defense and awareness programs.

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